About LightDelay.To

LightDelay.To is a service that uses orbital elements and ephemerides from a variety of sources to provide accurate distance calculations between a wide range of solar bodies.

Data used by this service is provided by variety of sources, including the following projects and resources:

Links in this service are generally pretty easy to parse and build: "https://lightdelay.to/location_1/location_2/effective_date_and_time/". All parameters are optional. Locations can currently be the name of any planet, Earth's moon, or any asteroid or comet with data in the Minor Planets Center database. Dates and times can be as specific as you like, potentially including time zones. See the following examples:

There are some important caveats. First, the location histories and predictions of objects are not always 100% accurate. Orbits are actually really quite complicated. Here's what should work: